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Toledo Bend Reservoir Fishing Report
June 6, 2017

Going into June the lake has plenty of water running about a foot over high pool. Hopefully, SRA will start releasing water so we don’t have flooding conditions in case we get a “gully” washer like we had last year.

Summer has arrived. The days are getting longer, the water temperature is rising and the bass have moved into their typical summer patterns. We'll be throwing almost everything in our tackle box and working numerous areas and depths from main and secondary points, humps and ridges, creek and river channel ledges, and areas that have vegetation.

Early in the morning and late in the evening we’ll start off throwing top water plugs, buzz baits, frogs, spinner baits, jerk baits, shallow diving crank baits, Rat-L-Traps and a full array of plastics in grass flats close to deep water.

When the sun gets over- head and the shallow bite slows, concentrate fishing deeper water along major and secondary points, bends in the creek and river channel ledges that have the most cover and structure (tops, lay-downs etc). Also work the deep water humps with deep diving crank baits and Carolina or Texas rigged soft plastics. Keep a top water bait and a shallow running crank bait like a Rat-L-Trap handy for the schooling bass. Follow the bait fish.

The White bass will be all over the lake following the shad. Work the river channel sandbars with a slab spoon or tail spinner. Watch for schooling activity along the river channel, boat roads, flats, main lake points and at the mouth of the coves. Traps and shallow diving crank baits work great. Also keep an eye open for the gulls feeding on bait fish. Usually the Whites have pushed the bait- fish to the surface and the gulls can be a good key to locating the Whites and Blacks.

The Crappie will be holding around brush tops in 15 to 25 foot of water. Drop your own brush or use your electronics to locate natural cover.

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